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URC Learning Hub: User Agreement 

Thank you for registering an account in the URC Learning Hub. To ensure a safe and secure learning experience, we ask you to confirm that you have read, and you accept the following terms set out below.

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The URC Learning Hub is an internal URC resource that isn’t accessible by the public. Your password access is provided for use only in relation to your personal URC learning.

Your access details should not be shared with anyone. That includes other individuals taking part in learning programmes in the Hub*

Access to the Learning Hub resources is for authorised users only. You should not provide or distribute any resources, including URLs, pages, login information etc. with unauthorised users.

It is your responsibility to inform the programme coordinators of your registered programmes, of changes to your email address or your need to withdraw from using the Learning Hub (i.e., where your role within the URC has changed or come to an end).

*unless formally agreed with the Programme coordinator, for the purposes of ‘buddying’ or ‘mentoring’ someone, otherwise precluded from pursuing participation as a registered participant on the programme – in any case permission must be obtained before ANY such access. If you are unsure about what this means, please contact: or

By proceeding to login to the URC Learning Hub I confirm that I have read the above terms. I understand that in continuing to use the URC Learning Hub and partaking in any programme/s I am confirming my registered acceptance of this user agreement.