Where are the Young People?

3. Young people we know

Here is a interactive visual resource to use with a group of adults to encourage them to reflect on their relationships with young people in any area of their life (church/meeting, family, work, neighbourhood, social activities etc).  It will help to remind them that they do have connections with young people in their lives.

The aim is to encourage them to see themselves as having something to offer young people as a person of faith and to nurture these relationships.

This is a reflective craft activity – it requires no particular crafting skills – using a slice of wood, pens, some stickers and string to create a decorative item to hang up as a reminder of their role in the life of a young person.

You'll need to download a PowerPoint presentation and Script that goes with it to make use of this resource.  

On the next page you'll find some links if you need to source materials for the craft activity to use with a group.