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Where are the Young People?

6. Putting ourselves in the shoes of young people

Use the following exercise to help people put themselves in the shoes of young people:

Plan a fun evening for at least 3 hours for you and 5 of your friends: you can only spend a maximum of £5 each, you cannot physically meet at any of your homes, you can only go to places and travel by means that under 16s are allowed to.

  • what would you do for the evening?
  • how does this compare to your last fun evening with friends?
  • what would you enjoy?
  • what would you find frustrating?
  • how would other people view you? (exercise from Tim Evans training session)

Discuss together what you learned from this.  

Going Further - Detached Youth Work

If you are interested in finding out about detached youth work then watch this training session video:

Stepping Out - A session exploring youth work outside the church building from URC CYW - YouTube

Introduction to thinking about detached youthwork by Tim Evans with interviews with three people involved in this type of engagement with young people (video of an online session).