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Where are the Young People?

8. So, where are the young people?

We hope this Conversation Starter has encouraged you and people in your local congregation to think and talk about young people – where they are and how you might build connections with them. 

We hope it has allowed space for people to consider the connections they already have and how to cherish these.

As we come to the end of this Conversation Starter spend a few minutes to think and respond to these further questions:

  • How has this Conversation Starter prompted your thinking? Personally? In a Church context?
  • Has it changed your thinking or encouraged you to do something/stop doing something or invite someone else to do something with you?
  • What will you do next as a result of engaging in this Conversation Starter about Where Are the Young People?

N.B. If you are facilitating this conversation, invite the group to share their thinking about these three questions.  As well as individual actions, what are the collective actions that the group might take as a result of working through this Conversation Starter?

Tell us what you thought:

We hope you have enjoyed using this Conversation Starter.  We'd be really interested to find out how you have used it and what we could have done to make it even better.  Please spare us five minutes of your time to fill in this evalation and feedback form.  

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