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  • Faith-filled Life is the first stream of Stepwise. It focuses on identity, place and purpose and is designed to be a core introductory experience that will lead to other Stepwise streams.

    Faith-filled Life is made up of a number of key themes:

    • Why Stepwise? Why now? An introduction to Faith-filled Life
    • Who am I? Exploring identity and faith
    • Where do I fit? How faith shapes my daily life
    • Where do I fit in my community? God’s work in the world and my part in it.
    • What journey am I on? My walk with God
    • The group project
    • How do I deal with challenges? Building confidence for facing life challenges
    • Which way now? Looking back and looking forward

    A full stream outline is available by clicking this link (opens in a new window)

    For more information, including details about how to take part in this stream go to this page on the URC website and follow the instructions there:    (this link opens in a new window)