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Available courses

Find out more about the courses and resources available in the Learning Hub

A course for Elders, and those considering becoming Elders, in the United Reformed Church.
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Training developed for all Church Safeguarding Coordinators particularly if you are new in the role. 

An open-access course designed for those who have already completed professional training in safeguarding within the last three years.

A foundation level safeguarding awareness course open to all.
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Conversation Starters are resources designed to get you talking, acting and praying about some of the important issues in the church today.

Faith-filled Life is the first stream in the Stepwise programme.  

This is the revised version of the stream which has been available since Sept 2021

Faith-fuelled Leadership is a stream in the Stepwise programme

Faith-filled Worship - a stream in the Stepwise programme

Faith-filled Community is a stream in the Stepwise programme

Training Material for those who take part in the Ministerial Discipline (Section O) process

Guidance for design teams on preparing content for Hub courses and prgrammes

EM2 is the Education for Ministry Phase 2 period of learning for Ministers of Word and Sacraments and Church Related Community Workers in the United Reformed Church.  The programme is arranged over three years, with three core sources of support - your EM2 Pastoral Advisor, your Synod Training Officer or other EM2 Officer and the Assembly arranged programme. More details are in the EM2 Guidelines

This programme includes all kinds of resources available to support those offering Training and Development and includes material previously published as the 'Training Officers Manual'