Exploring Eldership is a six module training programme designed to help you learn more about the ministry of eldership, whatever point you are at on that journey.  

Exploring Eldership includes sections looking at the following topics -

  • God calls Elders - exploring the role that God has in the calling of people to eldership
  • Elders as a team - exploring the importance of working together as an eldership and in the wider church community.
  • Elders and Mission - understanding mission and exploring the role elders have in supporting the mission of the church
  • Pastoral care - exploring the role of pastoral care and its importance for eldership 
  • Prayer and Spirituality - exploring the importance of prayer and spirituality for elders
  • Governance - looking at the specific and legal responsibilities which fall to the Elders' meeting
Materials are a mix of audio, visual, and text including reflective exercises, video testimonies, and links to other online resources.  The programme can be done individually or in a group setting, e.g. an Elders' meeting, or a group of people exploring eldership for the first time.

Exploring Eldership is open to all.  Click here to login to the Exploring Eldership pages.

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