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Welcome to this Conversation Starter exploring Where are the Young People?

This material was developed in partnership by the United Reformed Church and Quakers in Britain.

The aim of this conversation starter is to get you thinking and talking.  How you use it is up to you.  This might be in a quaker meeting, church meeting, elders meeting or a small group setting; perhaps during worship or café church; even just to prompt you to have deeper conversations with a friend about your shared concern about the apparent absence of young people.

Each page begins with a short introduction followed by prompts to get you started.  There's some material for worship or reflection, questions to provoke deeper thinking, suggestions for first steps and community gatherings, plus links to other useful resources.

You are invited to use the material flexibly but intentionally - and please let us know how you have used it and whether you have found it helpful.  There's a link to a feedback form on page 8.

So welcome! Come along and start asking the question ‘Where are the Young People?’